About Epic Catch

Epic Catch was originally inspired by our Founder and CEO Meray Azar. Meray like a lot of us at some point in our lives just couldn’t find anyone to go with to enjoy all the delights of her home city Melbourne.

One day she met this amazing guy at a party and had to leave early.  All she had was his business card, the next day she called him up (yes very old school) and asked him to join her at a film festival that evening.  To her surprise and delight he said yes.  This inspired Epic Catch, the very simple idea of finding someone to go with.

Epic Catch is shared experiences with someone new. If you have always wanted to enjoy an experience be it a unique dining experience, an outdoor adventure, catching a show at the theatre, checking out the latest musical in your local city, or even learn how to cook a brand new cuisine; but you have no-one to go with?  We find you that someone.  Epic Catch is like an and experience booking platform and dating site without the stigma and pressure of dating.  It’s finding someone to go with to enjoy the things you have always wanted to do.

Some of our member adventures have included sky dive experiences, 5 course degustation menus, sold out comedy shows, light and music installation shows by award winning artists, exclusive dance shows and how to classes.

We are currently operating in your local city. Simply sign up to begin your epic adventure with Epic Catch.

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