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Epic Catch offers new adventures and shared experiences that you will remember, try it with someone new. We bring you the best that your local city has to offer – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, San Diego, London. All you will need to do is sit back and relax and Epic Catch will take care of the rest.

All our epic experiences have been curated by our team, and specifically engineered to ensure you have the best day/night out.

Not in your current local city? Don’t worry we will be up and running soon, sign up and we will let you know once we are live. In the meantime, tell all your friends to join. The more members we have in your local city the quicker you will be able to get on your epic experience.

Hi,  I’m Darren and I’m hoping this will be one of many blog posts I share with you about my own dating dilemmas and trying to find someone to go out with.  Last week I saw a funny meme, a kind of social commentary on how our attitudes have relaxed over the years since the […]

Hi my name is Chloe and this year marks the third year I have been a consistent singleton.  Please don’t pass on your pity for me,  my life is awesome and here’s why. ONE I have a carefree, fun, adventurous life – living the dream with my awesome group of friends, partying all the time […]

Tis the season to be jolly for being an awesome Singleton.  Yes folks, it’s that time of year again where we Singletons are subjected to the same old questions.  Here’s what we can expect to hear all too often in the coming weeks: “Oh no have you still not met anyone yet?” (insert sad face right here) […]

If someone really wanted to get in contact with you and didn’t even know your name, they can very easily get their hands on your phone number.  After receiving a random phone call at 3:30 am from a number I didn’t know,  I instinctively took to Facebook and searched on the number.  What I discovered […]

How did I become this way?  What happened to the carefree, happy, social and generally nice to be around kinda girl?  WHERE IS SHE?  Last week was a self discovery in one self, read below to hear my EPIC tale.  Although the week was busy,  I learnt a very valuable lesson!  That really annoying statement […]

Guy:  “I’m sorry but I’m not really looking for something serious right now” Explanation. Interesting that he chose the word “really”.  Sorry to break it to you honey the “really” is a very important choice of word, it actually means “Look if the right person comes along sure! But you ain’t.  Oh and by the […]

Tinder has been the daddy of online dating apps for some time. With millions of matches made each month, it’s still an essential app if you want to meet potential partners via your smartphone. But it’s not the only app for expanding your romantic options. Download Epic Catch a shared experience that you won’t forget […]

Does this sound familiar: you’re on a date with someone new and you open your mouth and it ALL comes out, and by all I mean EVERYTHING … you’re out of control. You spill the beans, all of them, the whole jar. What beans are in the jar? Usually your life story, more often than not your past relationships, especially the ones you apparently aren’t really over, your likes, your dislikes, even (gasp) your bodily functions that don’t function properly and anything else you can over-share.