Choose from a plethora of new adventures including: unique dining experiences; exclusive shows and musicals at the theatre, how to classes; including cooking and craft and outdoor activities. Right here is where you will find the best and most unique events around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

How to classes

Choose from dance, cooking and craft

Have you always wanted to try your hand and learn a new craft, dance move or cuisine? Has not having anyone to go with stopped you from doing this? Not anymore, we find you someone to go with so you can enjoy the experience together.

Choose from:

Wine courses

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Unique Dining experiences

The best dining experiences in your city

Do you enjoy dining out but hate eating alone? Wouldn’t mind checking out that brand new restaurant or enjoy an exclusive food festival event, but have no one to go with? We can find you someone to with and organise an epic food experience right here. What are you waiting for? Choose from:

Food Festivals and Festivities
Fine Dining
Food and Wine Tours
Unique Cuisines

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Theatre and shows

Choose from the latest musical, ballet or opera.  You may also like to choose a local comedy show.   Don’t have anyone to go with?  No problem, we can find you someone.

Choose from:


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Outdoor activities

Try paddle boarding, surfboard yoga.

We can also find you someone to go with, so you can get out there & enjoy the great outdoors. Epic Catch connects you with like-minded individuals, so you can get out there and live life.

Choose from:

1. Sky diving
2. Squba dive at a live aquarium
3. Paddle-boarding
4. Surfboard Yoga

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